Try everything out before you commit to anything

Click the Get Started button to launch the Workroom Wizard. The process will take only a few minutes, and then you will see your trial website! At this stage, don't worry too much about your selections. The great thing about the Pufferfish Design system is that nothing is set in stone! You can always go back and change colors, styles, and content.

Workroom Wizard steps:

  1. Enter your business name.
  2. Choose a style.
  3. Choose a color scheme.
  4. Make a custom logo. (If you already have a logo, you may upload it at a later time.)
  5. Enter an email address and password that will serve as your login.
  6. Answer a short questionnaire of industry-specific topics.
  7. See your site! (Be sure to read Welcome box that pops up the first time.)